20 to try: Filipino albums

We take a step back in time and count down the best-selling Filipino albums of all time. Do you know your stuff?

The Knowledge
1 Christmas in our Hearts

Artist: Jose Mari Chan
Sold copies: 636,000 plus
Release: 1990
Genre: Ballad
Trivia: The album is the most notable album ever in the history of the Philippine Recording Industry. Indeed, it gained numerous awards in just a matter of weeks after it was released. It reached the unparalleled Diamond Record status equivalent to 10 times Platinum.

2 Constant Change

Artist: Jose Mari Chan
Sold copies: 321,800 plus
Release: 1989
Genre: Ballad
Trivia: This album was chosen as The Album of the Year on the Awit Awards, the local version of the American Grammy Awards. It achieved the unprecedented status for garnering the Diamond Record in terms of sales. It was also a hit on other Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The song on the album entitled Beautiful Girl was definitely very famous on the region. It was a 10 times Platinum album.

3 Cutterpillow

Artist: Eraserheads
Sold copies: 320,500 plus
Release: 1995
Genre: Alternative rock/pop
Trivia: The album is the most celebrated band album of all times in the Philippines. It became the highlight in Pinoy music as it introduced classic songs such as Huwag Mo Nang Itanong, Overdrive, and the popular Ang Huling El Bimbo. It is the band's best-selling album and reached 10 times Platinum status.

4 Nina Live!

Artist: Nina
Sold copies: 260,300 plus
Release: 2005
Genre: Pop/ R&B
Trivia: The album reached Gold record and Platinum status in just three weeks after its commercial release. It is considered to be the biggest-selling album by a female artist in the Philippines which reached a certification of 8 times Platinum. It is the fourth biggest selling album of an OPM artist, only behind Eraserheads' Cutterpillow  and Jose Mari Chan's Christmas In Our Hearts  and Constant Change. January 15, 2007 when it was made available on digital download through Amazon.com MP3 Download.

5 Forevermore

Artist: Side A
Sold copies: 255,900 plus
Release: 1995
Genre: Ballad
Trivia: The album was the most victorious Album of Side A band. The song from the album entitled Forevermore was awarded as the Song of the Year on Awit Awards and was a certified 8 times Platinum.

6 Paraiso

Artist: Smokey Mountain
Sold copies: 253,800 plus
Release: 1991
Genre: Pop
Trivia: It was one of the most remarkable albums of the Filipino singing group called the Smokey Mountain on the early 90’s. As a matter of fact, it reached a certification of 8 times Platinum and sold 253,000 copies.

7 Smokey Mountain

Artist: Smokey Mountain
Sold copies: 245,300 plus
Release: 1989
Genre: Pop
Trivia: It was the first album of the group called Smokey Mountain, a group of teens who were often dressed in ragged clothes to portray the dreadful condition of the scavengers living in the garbage dump in Manila where the group was named. It bagged 11 awards during the Awit Awards in 1990.

8 Halik

Artist: Aegis
Sold copies: 225,700 plus
Release: 2000
Genre: Alternative rock/ pop
Trivia: It is considered to be the most remarkable album by a female band in the history of Philippine Recording Industry on the year 1998. The song in the album entitled Halik became a monster hit and since then, the band continuously delighted the public in their array of OPM hits. The album garnered the Triple Platinum Record award on 2000 followed by a Quadruple Platinum Record award on 2002.

9 Ten Years Together

Artist: APO Hiking Society
Sold copies: 224,000 plus
Release: 1980
Genre: Filipino rock/pop
Trivia: The album is considered to be the fourth studio album of the Filipino trio Apo Hiking Society composed of Jim Paredes, Boboy Garovillo and Danny Javier. It's an 11-track album released under Universal (then known as WEA) Records. It was the album of the group that had the most number of hit songs.

10 Habang May Buhay

Artist: Donna Cruz
Sold copies: 219,900 plus
Release: 1995
Genre: Pop
Trivia: It was Donna Cruz biggest-selling album ever, an album composed of selected movie theme songs. The song on the album Only Me and You became a big hit leading her to bag the award for Best Ballad Recording by a Female Artist in 1995. Also,a movie entitled Habang May Buhay which she starred in was made after the release of the album. It garnered a Quadruple Platinum Award on the same year.

11 Pagdating ng Panahon

Artist: Aiza Seguerra
Sold copies: 220,400 plus
Release: 2001
Genre: Pop
Trivia: The album turned out to be the biggest and greatest OPM album of the year 2001. The song which is the title of the album had hit number one spot for 12 consecutive weeks in FM radio stations and became the title and theme song of a movie produced by Viva films. The song was also the root of Aiza Seguerra’s award for Best Performance by a Female Recording Artist in Awit Awards during the same year. The album is a certified Quadruple Platinum.

12 Just Can’t Help Feelin’

Artist: Jessa Zaragoza
Sold copies: 223,000
Release: 1997
Genre: Ballad
The album reached sextuple platinum in just months after it was released. The song on the album Bakit Pa? became a monster hit and spawned a movie with the same title.

13 Freeman

Artist: Francis Magalona
Sold copies: 218,500 plus
Release: 1995
Genre: OPM Rap/ Pinoy rock
Trivia: It was the fifth album of the late Francis Magalona released under BMG Records Inc. The album made him well-known as an artist in his authenticity in the Pinoy Rock scene.

14 Rivermaya

Artist: Rivermaya
Sold copies: 217,000 plus
Release: 2005
Genre: Alternative rock/pop, hard rock, grunge
Trivia: The album is the debut album of the Filipino rock band, Rivermaya. It has 11 tracks and released under BMG Records Pilipinas (now Sony BMG Music Philippines, Inc.) on 1994.

15 Atomic Bomb

Artist: Rivermaya
Sold copies: 215,600 plus
Release: 1997
Genre: Alternative rock/Pop
Trivia: The album is the third album from the Filipino rock band, Rivermaya. It has 16 tracks and released under Sony BMG Music Philippines, Inc.on January 31, 1997.It was reported that the album gone gold before it hit the stores on January 31. Basing on initial orders from Metro Manila record bars, BMG shipped out 25,000 cassettes. As a matter of fact, major record bars on malls report they were out of stock after a few days. This is the last album with Bamboo Manalac as lead singer.

16 Kitchie Nadal

Artist: Kitchie Nadal
Sold copies: 214,800 plus
Release: 2004
Genre: Rock/ Acoustic
Trivia: This self-titled album, Kitchie Nadal, is the debut album of Filipino singer-songwriter, Kitchie Nadal, as a solo artist. Her carrier single is "Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin" was a hit and garnered numerous awards.

17 Trip

Artist: Rivermaya
Sold copies: 213,700 plus
Release: 1996
Genre: Alternative rock
Trivia: The album the second album from the Filipino rock band, Rivermaya. It has 13 tracks and released under Sony BMG Music Philippines, Inc. in 1996.

18 CiRcuS

Artist: Eraserheads
Sold copies: 213,700 plus
Release: 1994
Genre: Alternative rock/Pop
Trivia: This is the second album released by the Filipino alternative rock group The Eraserheads in 1994. It is a concept album as most of the songs are nearly as entertaining as going to the circus. Hits from the album are Alapaap, Sembreak, Kailan, Magasin and With A Smile. It was reissued by Sony-BMG Entertainment in 2006.

19 Versions/ Beyond Acoustic

Artist: MYMP
Sold copies: 210,700 plus
Release: 2005
Genre: Acoustic
Trivia: Versions is the biggest selling album ever produced by an acoustic band. It was declared certified Gold Record after less than a month. The hit songs on the album are Tell Me Where It Hurts, Talaga Naman, Kailan, Get Me, Especially For You, Eternal Flame, which later on used as theme songs for TV series and commercial ads.

20 Eraserheads Anthology

Artist: Eraserheads
Sold copies: 209,000 plus
Release: 2004
Genre: Alternative rock/Pop
Trivia: This album is a collection album of the defunct Filipino pop-rock band Eraserheads. It was released by Sony BMG Music Entertainment Philippines in 2004 featuring the best hits of the band. It was the bands' first greatest hits compilation album after their disbanding in 2002. It reached six times Platinum status.

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