Eid fashion tips

Stylist and designer Abir Achkar on a getting a fashion forward look

Eid fashion tips
Sunglasses, BD93, Sunglass Hut Image #2
Sunglasses, BD93, Sunglass Hut
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Eid fashion tips Image #4
Bag, BD230, Marc by Marc Jacobs Image #5
Bag, BD230, Marc by Marc Jacobs
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Sandals, BD8, Shoe Mart

Do men make as much effort over their Eid attire as women?
No they don’t, only a few men do. Especially in the Gulf, the only thing the men usually focus on is their national dress, watch and shoes unlike in other countries. Whereas women need to think about their hair, make-up, clothes and accessories.

What are the biggest clothing trends to look out for this year for both men and women and do people dress differently for the different days?
For women, the trends to look out for this year are patterns, neon, bold and daring colours and studs. The biggest trend for this season which women should consider this Eid is the traditional kaftan which can be given a modern twist by incorporating one of the trends above. For men, the trends to look out for are coloured pants (as shown by Tommy Hilfiger), coloured shoes and capris. Usually people do dress differently for different days but then again it depends on the person.

What about accessories, are there any particular traditional things that are worn at Eid or any coming trends that will help make Eid outfits super fabulous?
There are no particular traditional accessories. I believe that people wear what suits them and their style personality. As for trends, accessories are all about being colourful and bold. Chunky necklaces, candy bracelets and lots of bracelets combined on one hand are the trends now. This season, the focal point is bracelets.

How can people update their wardrobes without spending a fortune and where are the best places to shop?
Each person should update their wardrobe each season. Before they go shopping, they should audit their wardrobe and get rid of the clothing that doesn’t suit them or any clothes that they don’t want any more. To avoid spending a fortune, they should have in mind or on a list the things they need and they should only go by the list while shopping. There are different shops in Bahrain which suit various style personalities. This is why it is important that each man and woman knows their style personality so that they can shop accordingly.

What about Eid dressing for children, is it all about sparkles or would you recommend more comfortable, but still smart, attire?
We have to keep in mind that the children should be comfortably dressed but definitely fashionable for the occasion.

And lastly, as a stylist, what will you be wearing for your own Eid celebrations and where’s your favourite place to shop for an important occasion?
Personally, having my own clothing line, I will be wearing one of my Ash by Abir Achkar metallic kaftans. I mostly wear clothes from my own designs but I have the occasional stores that I buy from such as Sacks, River Island and various shops in Moda Mall.

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