Ramadan dos and don'ts

Make sure you behave respectfully during the Holy Month

The Knowledge

Show respect to your Muslim neighbours, colleagues and fellow residentsby behaving appropriately.

…enjoy traditional tunes and performances. Many venues will have Arabic oud players and whirling dervish dancers during the Holy Month.


…get into the spirit of giving. Zakat, the practice of charitable giving in Islam, is significant during this time, with a focus on the needs of peoples’ own communities. Get involved with one of the many drives that are set up or pick a charity you’re passionate about and start that volunteering you keep meaning to get around to.

…be a good neighbour. If you’re not fasting, be respectful of those that are – whether it’s being quiet, not drinking water or refraining from cooking up that pungent lunch in the office microwave.

…make the most of the festive atmosphere and community spirit you’ll find at this time of year. Gather with friends and/or family to enjoy the food in the tents, play games and experience authentic Arabian hospitality and the performances on offer.

…drive carefully – as many people hurry home for iftar, or drive while tired and hungry, fender benders can be more common. Be even more vigilant than usual.


…blaspheme, curse or swear in public. Doing so is never welcome, of course, but during the Holy Month of Ramadan it’s particularly insulting.


…smoke, drink, chew gum or eat in public during daylight hours. It’s offensive, and breaking the rules could get you in trouble with the law. Public places include your office or workplace (check the rules here as they vary), lifts, hallways and your car.

…dance or sing in public at any time. There will also be no live music gigs as Ramadan is a contemplative time. Only background music is allowed.

…wear revealing or tight clothes in public at any time of day or night. Both men and women should particularly make sure their shoulders and knees are covered at the very least.

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