Maximise your living space in Bahrain

Outgrown your living space? Can’t see the carpet for the clutter? Get interior design help

Maximise your living space in Bahrain

Outgrown your living space? Can’t see the carpet for the clutter? Louise Emma Clarke speaks to Michelle Dinsmore of Home Centre to find out how you can get the most from your space.

Every space provides an opportunity to create more storage, especially hidden spaces. Plastic containers under the bed are great for extra linens or storing sweaters and jackets for those trips home during cooler months. Or place a bench at the foot of your bed that has hidden storage.

When it comes to your closet, consider changing to thinner, felt- or velvet-covered hangers. They take up less space and you’ll get twice as many items hanging in your closet. For your shoes, boxes are always nice, but they too take up a lot of space. Replace with fabric shoe racks that hang on a door. This will allow you to keep them organised and stored without cluttering up your closet.

Toys, toys and more toys. That’s what happens when we have kids, so where do you put them all? This can be tricky in smaller homes. Remember, an empty wall is a golden opportunity for storage. Use multiple wardrobes that fill the length of a wall. Doors on wardrobes with mirrors keep the space looking light, while giving you extra storage space. You could also use open shelving with baskets, which packs everything away, keeping the room looking tidy and organised.

Mirrors are a great way to make a small space seem larger. Multiple mirrors of different sizes grouped together on a wall will give you a point of interest and make a room feel larger. Sometimes the layout of a living room doesn’t allow us to enjoy the view outside. Mirrors placed on a wall directly across from the window is a great way for you to enjoy your living area and the view.

Another tip to get the most out of your space is by using shelves. They can be placed above lamps on your bedside table for books or on the wall above your sofa to display framed art, framed family photos and other trinkets that you’ve brought back from your travels.

Interior trends for 2015

We ask GCC-based interior designer Janet Waite to fill us in on top interior trends for the year…

Mix shades of rose gold, yellow gold and silver, with everything from cushions to cutlery, lamps and tables.

Mirrored furniture
Pieces containing mirrors will add an element of sophistication and luxury to your room. Invest in coffee tables, chests of drawers and desks.

Shades of blue
From indigo to navy and turquoise, add splashes of blue to your home and complement with mother-of-pearl and white marble.

Words and quotes
Quoted phrases will be adorning everything from pillows and linen to wall decoration. French words and quotes will be especially popular.

Natural elements
Achieve this look by adding natural materials to your home such as sea grass mats and wicker baskets.

Give it some art
See the light
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