Katy Perry interview

Katy Perry reveals her Christmas plans, New Year resolutions andpost-tour thoughts

Katy Perry interview

1 How does it feel to have finished your Prismatic world tour?
I’m excited to take the rest of the year off. In particular I’m looking forward to rejuvenating and not wearing make-up and having, like, 600 bobby pins in my hair.

2 You came to the region and the UAE recently. What do you love about it here?
It seems very forward-thinking with technology.

3 How will you be spending Christmas?
My family and I don’t really exchange presents anymore. We just go on vacation together. I think there is something really nostalgic about getting under the same roof, it’s like we’re teenagers again. We have a chef and we just eat, drink and pass out.

4 Any plans for 2016?
I don’t really have plans yet. I need to let myself be, and live life, and have my own kind of experiences to write good songs.

5 Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?
To care less about everything and just kind of stay true to myself.

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