Quit your job become an… artist

Freelance graphic designer, Jenine Sharabi, shares her artistic insights

Quit your job become an… artist

Jenine Sharabi, 30

The freelance graphic designer shares her artistic insights.

What made you turn to freelance?
I decided that I wanted to see what happened if I was solely responsible for my creativity and my time. How far I could push myself.

Is it a difficult gig in Bahrain?
It’s a smaller pool to work within so you are limited in this way but this is also an asset because there is less competition if you offer something unique as an individual.

Isn’t ‘art’ just a load of pretentious nonsense for elitists?
You can make anything pretentious if you surround yourself by the right people and right amount of money. If you surround yourself by artistic people that make art for the sake of simple, creative satisfaction, self-expression and connecting with one another then that’s very different.

What’s the best advice you’ve got?
Just do. Be honest about your weaknesses and build upon your strengths. Engage yourself with the world around you and make it observational and reflective; engage your audience by empathising with them.

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