Three pets looking for a home

Could you be these abandoned animals' forever friend?

Knowledge story, The Knowledge

Bunny family
We are a family of six little bunnies (our brothers and sisters aren't as brave as us and they hid from the camera). We've landed up at Tony's because our mummy and daddy’s human owner couldn't keep so many of us. We're a very pretty bunch, mixed colours and both boys and girls. We'll make great house pets. Once we get used to you we'll be happy to cuddle and play, and we can be litter trained so we don't have to live in a hutch. We'd like to go in twos so we won't be lonely. Could you be the one to keep us company?


I'm a young lad of around seven months and I have been with Tony since I was a puppy. A nice lady picked me up at the side of the road and thought she'd better take me somewhere safe before I could get into mischief. I'm a very handsome boy and extremely outgoing, I love visitors and walks and play time and treats. I'm a bit of a handful when you first meet me but that's just because I'm excited to meet new people. I will need some training to get my excitement under control but I will make someone a fab pet. Could you be my special person?


Hi everyone, my name's Ralphie and I've been with Tony almost two years now since I was a puppy. I was taken off some boys who were being horrid to me and they frightened me a lot. I'm a very handsome dog but it's not easy for me to find a home as I'm very shy around new people and can seem a bit grumpy. I need to live with an experienced doggy family, no young kids please as I can be a bit of a scaredy cat, and I will need someone around most of the time while I try to learn that the world's not such a frightening place. Will you be my teacher?

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