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Three things to look forward to in July

The Knowledge

July 10
Little ones and nostalgic parents alike will unite in appreciation for the little green puppets’ latest adventure in Muppets Most Wanted. The iconic and unmistakable Kermit and co are at it again, recruiting Brit funnyman Ricky Gervais for a plot which sees the gang embark on a global tour, selling out grand theatres in some of Europe’s most exciting destinations, before calamity inevitably catches up with them.

July 13
Unless you’ve been on planet Mars (or totally missed the front of the magazine you’re holding), you’ve probably not missed that the greatest sporting circus on earth is upon us. Sadly, the Fifa World Cup has to end, with the final tonight at 10pm Bahrain time.

July 18-20
The brainchild of the folk behind the hipster’s music website of the same name, summer Chicago music festival Pitchfork is a fair barometer of what the cool kids will be listening to come October. Headlining is trendsetters old and new including Neutral Milk Hotel, Kendrick Lamar, Beck, Giorgio Moroder and Grimes, but it’s the much-hyped third stage to look to for the Next Big Thing.

July 28-29
At the time of press we were expecting Eid Al-Fitr to fall right about now. Marking the end of the Holy Month, expect the city to unite in celebration at the occasion, and the island’s pace to pick up after a month of thought and reflection.

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