Areej Rajab showcases works at the Gulf Hotel

The artist opens her annual exhibition, ‘Visions in Colour’

Areej Rajab showcases works at the Gulf Hotel

Large canvases covered in beautiful colours currently adorn the Gulf Hotel, as artist Areej Rajab presents her annual exhibition ‘Visions in Colour’.

The week-long exhibition is open to the public for free until November 3, demonstrating the artist’s savvy techniques.

‘I continue to celebrate pure colour’s powerful characteristics and its ability to connect us as people through its perception on canvas,’ says Areej. ‘Colour is at once subjective and objective. It can stand alone and it can blend with other colours around it. It seems to hold anthropomorphic qualities in its ability to represent emotions and feelings.’
The Gulf Hotel, Adliya, Block 338 (1771 3000).

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