A car for Dhs10 a day?

Fancy a cheap hire car in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

If the answer is yes please, don’t mind if I do, this could be a good deal for you.

Inmotion Media Rent-a-car, an Abu Dhabi-based advertising company, is offering cars to hire from as little as Dhs10 a day. That is, if you don’t mind driving a mobile billboard - still keen?

Basically, the company reckons this is a pretty good way of advertising as you drive around town, and with advertisers paying for most of the car rental costs, they can offer cars to customers for an amazing Dhs10 a day. But, there are downsides.

You need to drive a minimum of 30km and maximum of 300km per day within the advertising zone. If you drive less than 30km a day, you need to pay Dhs10 extra for every kilometre below 30km, while if you drive above 300 kilometres, you will have to pay the company Dhs1 extra for every additional kilometre driven. You also have to pay a refundable Dhs1500 security deposit that will be used to settle any applicable charges, such as speeding fines. Payments must also be made in advance and are only acceptable through credit cards.

Optional additional services like a second driver, pick-up and delivery to Dubai on weekdays or weekends, and car wash at return of vehicle (as customers are obliged to return it in a clean state) will cost a total of Dhs380. Other charges will be imposed in case of off-road driving, racing, drinking alcohol and driving or smoking inside the vehicle, carrying animals or losing the key.

Gregor Streyzowsky, Managing Director and Partner of Inmotion, explains: “There are exceptions – some people like to move outside the zone and as a service provider we aim to meet the needs of all and keep our customers happy.”

For more information visit www.inmotion.ae

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