Bahraini bank launches fingerprint ATMs

No more rooting about in your bag for your debit card

Bahraini bank launches fingerprint ATMs

Scrabbling around at the bottom of your bag for your debit card could soon become a thing of the past, after a Bahraini bank launched fingerprint ATMs.

Ithmaar Bank has added biometric readers to all of the 43 ATMs it has scattered across the Kingdom, becoming the first in the region to do so.

Now, instead of inserting your card, customers can use their fingerprint before entering their PIN to withdraw cash.

Customers who wish to use the fingerprint readers will need to visit their local branch to provide a fingerprint scan.

Ithmaar Bank Chief Executive Ahmed Abdul Rahim said of the launch: “This helps further reinforce Bahrain’s already prominent position as a key and innovative banking hub in the region.”

The bank announced plans for the biometric-enabled ATMs in September 2018, and finished installation in May this year.

Rahim added: “The new biometric payment network allows customers to interact with the Bank in a safer, more secure and, ultimately, more convenient way.

“This opens up an exciting new world of possibilities which, in future, may also include points of sale.”

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