New app shows you where all the speed cameras are in Bahrain

Drivers face a fine of between BHD50 and BHD250 if they break the limit

New app shows you where all the speed cameras are in Bahrain

Bahraini drivers can now find out where all the speed cameras are located in the Kingdom, thanks to a new service through the e-traffic app.

It is hoped that the new service will encourage drivers to avoid violating the limits across Bahrain.

Brigadier Shaikh Abdulrahman bin Abdulwahab Al Khalifa, the Director-General of Traffic, said that the app also hopes to show road users that the department is dedicated to promoting traffic safety.

He added that if the location of a camera changes, or if one is taken out of service, the application would reflect the change.

Khalifa said the majority of drivers obey regulations, but that traffic goals would not be achieved without a real community partnership and the convincement that road safety is the responsibility of all.

In cities, the speed limit is 60 km/h. This increases to 80 km/h in the suburbs, and 100 km/h on highways.

Anyone caught speeding 30 percent over the limit faces a fine of BHD50 to BHD250. If you’re caught speeding more than 30 percent over the limit, this fine increases to between BHD100 and BHD500.

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