Bahraini passport ranks fourth among Arab countries

Passports from the Kingdom will get you access to 81 countries around the world with no visa or a visa on arrival

Bahraini passport ranks fourth among Arab countries

Bahraini passports rank fourth among the Arab nations based on how many countries it can be used to enter without requiring the owner to apply for a visa in advance.

According to the Henley World Index 2019, the Kingdom came 63rd globally as owners of this passport can easily enter 81 countries around the world.

The joint top passports were from Japan and Singapore, with citizens from these countries having access to 190 countries out of 227 places looked at by the organisers of the HWI.

Germany, South Korea and Finland came in second place, with Denmark, Italy and Luxembourg in third.

Out of the Arab States, UAE came out on top, with access to 172 countries. It came 15th overall.

Kuwait came in second, with access to 93 countries, ranking 56th globally. Oman came in fifth place, with access to 79 countries.

Afghanistan came in bottom place, with owners of this passport only being granted access to 25 countries without a visa or with a visa on arrival.

The Henley World Index, which is updated throughout the year, is based on data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Henley & Partners first started the ranking in 2006.

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