Saw Doctors's Leo Moran in Bahrain

We get to know guitarist ahead of Bahrain Irish Festival gig

Saw Doctors's Leo Moran in Bahrain

The Saw Doctors are a group of songwriting musicians from the west of Ireland, hell-bent on celebrating, observing, recording and sometimes poking fun at their own locality, accent and idiomatic use of language while dressing their songs up in their favourite sounds and styles.

Well that’s what the blurb says but they’re also an awesom party band, which is why we love them.

Newest member Rickie O’Neill, 21, wasn’t even born back in the summer of 1990 when the band’s second single release I Useta Lover went to the top of the Irish singles charts and stayed there for nine weeks – becoming one of the country’s best-selling singles of all time.

More than 22 years later the band is still going strong having enjoyed international success and we caught up with guitarist Leo Moran prior to their appearance at the Bahrain Irish Festival on November 16.

Is this your first time in Bahrain or the Middle East?
It’s our first visit to Bahrain but we played in Dubai a few years back: (Irish rock band) Aslan were on the same plane as us.

What can the audience expect in your performance?
There’ll be five of us up onstage making a bit of a racket: it won’t be pretty but it might be fun.

For those who don’t know The Saw Doctors, how would you describe your music?
It’s a melange of all our favourite genres - punk, country, old style rock’n’roll, pop, hymns - all delivered with a Tuam (their home town) accent.

Where does your inspiration come from and can we expect to see any new stuff during this show?
Our inspiration comes from where and whenever it seems to choose itself. We haven’t been prolific lately but we do have a tribute song to Chick Deacy who passed away in springtime; a super sportsman and a pure gentleman.

Can you give us a brief introduction to the current line-up?
Rickie O’Neill on drums; 22 years of age from near Claremorris - the first green and red blood (a sporting reference) member of the band; great appetite.

Kevin Duffy on keyboards and other stuff; been playing in bands in Galway as long as we’ve been at it in Tuam; his food order often goes missing.

Anthony Thistlethwaite, a farmer’s son from Leicestershire, founder member of The Waterboys, now residing in the hurling stronghold of Gort.

Davy Carton singing and strumming, born in North London; a Spurs fan, loves Louis Walsh and Arsenal.

Leo Moran, strumming and some shouting; bespectacled guitar player with a lot to learn and not a lot of time to do it.

Any message for your Bahrain fans?
I didn’t think we had any???

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