Bob Sinclar in Bahrain

Superstar French DJ coming to Bushido in Bahrain for race weekend

Bob Sinclar in Bahrain

Well known for his deep and soulful beats, and for forming the ‘Africanism movement’, Bob Sinclar is also influenced by vibrant reggae and dancehall, particularly in his more recent work. Songs such as ‘Love Generation’, ‘World Hold On’ and ‘Rock This Party’ shot this talented DJ and producer to worldwide superstardom over a decade ago and the demand for his tunes has still to waiver. But there’s a lot more to the man than that, as we find out.

You used to be known as Chris ‘The French Kiss’ and then took on the alias Bob Sinclar with plenty of others in between. Where did you get the inspiration for this current name from?
I started my own label at 23 in 1993 just to produce my own beats and then a few artists arrived and wanted to be produced. In 1997, I started a new project under the name ‘Bob Sinclar’ – the name I took from the hero of a French movie called ‘Le Magnifique’.

You’ve collaborated with so many artists from Pitbull to Sean Paul to Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Who did you enjoy working with most and why?
I did a lot of collaborations from famous to upcoming artists because I love to share good times with musicians and singers. That is how you grow as an artist. At the moment I am working hard to find a new colour for my instrumentals and then I will cast new talents.

Who else would you still like to collaborate with?
I dream to work with Prince. I hope soon. If I do a collaboration it is because I love the artist I am working with. Of course a lot of US artists call European producers now because they feel that this is the way to go. But, on my side, I don’t really want to give my sound to pop artists. I am not a studio producer, I am a DJ, an artist myself…

You’re no stranger to the Middle East and Bahrain. What do you think of our little island?
I do play a lot in Dubai and love to come to the Middle East. I can’t wait to see what Bahrain [brings] and of course I’ll bring some of my new tracks to surprise my fans and make them dance all night long.

You have a busy schedule and year ahead of you, mostly spent gigging in Ibiza. How do you like to spend your spare time when you have any?
When I am not touring I share my life between Paris and Los Angeles. I love to practice tennis, fitness and running. I eat sushi at Katsuya’s in LA and I roller blade on Venice beach. Between that, I spend a lot of time in my studio trying to find ideas for my new productions. My good mood arrives with the morning sun. I love sun so much and driving a convertible car through the light of LA gives me a lot of good energy.

What other projects do you have in the pipeline for this year and next? Can we expect another studio album soon?
I have prepared a new single that will be released in a few weeks featuring the amazing singer Dawn Tallman. A new video clip is coming too and the album is in future projects too!

You’re also well known for forming the Africanism movement. How did it come about?
I’ve been going to Jamaica for five years now and I met amazing and talented artists and everybody wants to work. It’s a pleasure to work there because of the creativity. I take the best of their sound and their style and I mix it with my own dance music culture. I love a mash-up of music. In France we have a big African community, I am sure it has been a great influence for me. The project Africanism came up in my studio with DJ Gregory in 2000. We just wanted to sample different types of music than disco and a little bit more tribal African rhythm oriented.

What would you consider to be your greatest achievement of all time, musically speaking or otherwise?
In 2005, the year I created ‘Love Generation’, will stay an amazing moment in my career and in my life.

Bob Sinclar is in Bushido on April 19. Standard tickets cost BD35 if you buy them before April 17 or BD50 if you buy them after. Bushido Lounge, Seef (1758 3555).

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