Bahrain music: Dust Frequency

Multi-genre DJ and producer, Dust Frequency to play Bahrain Jams

Bahrain music: Dust Frequency

You know that sound of radio transmission? Well, that’s what originally inspired 38-year-old Pakistani Khuram Javed to become a musician. At first, he was a major player on the underground music scene around Pakistan and, when he moved here, helped develop one in Bahrain, playing at venues such as Bushido, Wrangler and Sky Bar.


Interestingly, though, he started off playing death metal, but soon lost interest as he felt something was missing. “That is why I went to electronic and made the sounds I wanted to hear.”

He started producing in 1993, practised graphic design and multimedia arts, and started experimenting with music through different software. Now, his influences are varied as, for him, “good music is good music” – so he’s not constrained by genres when producing or DJing.

When asked to describe his sound, this is what he says: “Music affects you through a medium. Imagine you are in a cube which is made of emotions and we can control your oxygen, gravity, temperature and pressure... This is all done by frequencies and the wavelength of sound." Essentially, he tries to create a space in which he can affect the listeners’ feelings. While that description might baffle most casual music fans, Dust Frequency’s live sets are something to behold.

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