Bahrain music: Glassroom Entertainment

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Bahrain music: Glassroom Entertainment

This artist collective was started by French expat Siegfried Masson very recently. Before setting it up, he worked in the hospitality industry, at a local hotel, where he got the chance to organise a few music events, getting in touch with local DJs and promoters while he was at it. “I couldn’t find what I was exactly looking for here,” he tells us. “I felt a need to gather some DJs very specific about their music under one group and community. I believed this would help them develop and at the same time help Bahrain become a musical destination in the GCC.”


As a lover of underground house music, Masson set about gathering together musicians on the electronic scene and managing their appearances. So far he has ten, including some of the artists on these pages – Sami Dee, Sunny Raeva, Captain Tea and Dust Frequency. “Bahrain’s music scene is very commercial… but I believe this is just a lack of exposure to something different,” he says. “I hear nostalgic people talking of that time, when you could listen and dance to more out-of-mainstream vibes in venues… I think Bahrain is in fact hungry for a range of tunes as open as the great Bahraini mentality.”
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