Budget restaurant at The Avenue Saar L'Avenue


One of a whole crop of new venues at The Avenue Saar, L’Avenue is a medium-sized spot with an outdoor terrace overlooking green pathways and a central pool area.

The menu is ridiculously cheap, with the most expensive item being grilled fish of the day at just BD4.6. Salads start at BD1.8 and there’s a good range of pizzas too.

For a midweek, solo working lunch I chose oven baked lemon chicken which is marinated in lemon, garlic and parsley and served with your choice of French fries, mashed potatoes or rice.

On arrival I thought the portion looked small, just a handful of fries and a few veggies – broccoli, carrots and courgette which were all fresh and cooked al dente - but there were two pieces of chicken, a breast and a leg, and the serving size turned out to be just right.

The presentation could use some work though and there was a small pot of unidentifiable but greasy and salty dip of some sort tucked onto the plate which was, frankly, unpleasant.

But the chicken was piping hot and very tender and tasty with the garlic not being overpowering but certainly noticeable and properly penetrating the flesh rather than concentrated in the skin.

The fries too were proper skinny fries and also piping hot and I was certainly happy with my choice.

The dessert choice of cheesecake or ice cream was somewhat limited but L’Avenue has only been open just over three months so I’m sure this will improve, certainly if it is to hold its own amongst the competition springing up all round.

The bill (for one)
Oven baked lemon chicken BD3.600
Perrier BD1.000
Total (inc tax) BD4.600


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