Ramadan in Bahrain 2020: how to fast safely

If you're fasting here's how to stay healthy

Ramadan in Bahrain 2020: how to fast safely

Ramadan is a very important time in the Islamic calendar, where Muslims fast throughout the daylight hours. Fasting is broken at sunset by iftar.

Fasting is an exercise in self-restraint and is intended to remind people of those less fortunate and to give those who observe the fast a chance to detoxify the body and mind. It gives people the opportunity to focus solely on one’s faith.

There are some exceptions from fasting. For example, children, the elderly, anyone who is sick and pregnant ladies can be exempted.

If you are fasting in Ramadan 2020 in Bahrain, here are some tips from nutritionists at Kcal about how to stay healthy.

Have a healthy and filling suhoor

Eat complex carbs including whole grains and protein, which are slower digesting and help maintain energy levels.

Avoid simple sugars

Skip refined sugar and flour. They’ll give you a temporary energy boost – followed by an energy crash.

Eat protein

It takes more time to break down in the body than carbs and provides a longer-lasting energy source.

Ditch fried foods

Opt for healthy fats for longer lasting energy and to keep you fuller for longer.

Drink plenty of water

After breaking your fast, drink water regularly to compensate for the hydration you didn’t get while fasting. Combine with foods rich in water: cucumbers, leafy greens, watermelon and tomatoes.

Limit your caffeine

Fasting causes dehydration. It’s a good idea to take a break from tea or coffee as it will increase water loss in the body.

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