Ramadan in Bahrain 2020: Coronavirus patients must check with doctors before fasting

Current WHO advice says patients must eat a healthy diet and drink water during iftar and suhoor

Ramadan in Bahrain 2020: Coronavirus patients must check with doctors before fasting

Muslims who have coronavirus must check with their doctor before fasting for ramadan, the National Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has said.

Dr Jameela Al Salman, who is the consultant for infectious and internal diseases at Salmaniya Medical Complex, addressed fasting at a press conference.

Al Salman noted that healthy patients are able to fast, but anyone who is infected with coronavirus (COVID-19) should consult with their doctors before doing so.

She also said that there is insufficient data and studies on the implications of fasting in regards to coronavirus.
Current WHO advice says that active COVID-19 patients must eat a healthy diet, and drink adequate amounts of water during iftar and suhoor.

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