How to throw your own iftar gathering

Our top ten tips on how to get the most important meal of the day just right

Our top ten tips on how to get the most important meal of the day during Ramadan just right for your fasting guests.

Have everything ready by sunset. No one wants to wait for you to put the finishing touches on your dishes when they haven’t eaten all day.

Get a local radio station on so you know the exact moment when everyone can break their fast.

Switch that over to some traditional tunes to set the scene.

Prepare the dates. Everyone’s stomachs will need easing into the meal so breaking the fast with a couple of dates and water is ideal.

Then serve a delicious and nourishing soup alongside a refreshing salad and a couple of mezze dishes.

Hang out and play games for a couple of hours before the main event: a proper all-you-can-eat affair.

Don’t make anything spicy! People who are fasting have fragile digestive systems, so any spice will only irritate their stomachs.

Make sure you have an unlimited supply of water and get in some traditional Ramadan drinks as well, such as refreshing tamarind juice or probiotic laban (which is good for the digestive system).

Have plenty of games ready for the evening – packs of cards, your favourite board games and charades are all great options for a fun night. For something more traditional, get in a carrom or backgammon board (and learn the rules beforehand!).

And don’t forget the tea, preferably something very traditional and local like chai karak, which is made with black tea, condensed milk, plenty of sugar and a dash of cardamom. The ideal accompaniment to any iftar.

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