The Meat Co

The darkly-lit steakhouse is unsurprisingly a great place for meat lovers

Sitting in the hustle and bustle of Adliya is The Meat Co, recently named Time Out Bahrain’s Best Steakhouse at our 2015 Restaurant Awards. On previous visits we loved it enough to crown it the island’s meaty champion so when we visit again, our hopes are high. The restaurant is a dimly-lit place, with a lot of dark leather and wood. On our last visit before the awards we went for the obvious, beef steak, so this time we decide to mix it up a bit. However, asking our waiter for suggestions doesn’t help – a few giggles, no recommendations, and he’s off. Left to our own devices, we choose red chilli prawns and beef carpaccio to start. The beef is thin, rich and tasty and comes with well-seasoned salad and parmesan. The prawns are the highlight, however; juicy and spicy, with a great dipping sauce. Having never tried ostrich before, we decide to give it a whirl. We’re glad we did – the meat is pink and full of flavour, but the accompanying béarnaise sauce (again, no help from the waiter in choosing a sauce that pairs well with a meat we’ve never tried) just doesn’t work with it.

Meanwhile, a cheeseburger we plump for is a sloppy affair, but the meat at least is excellent. We love the chips, too (the béarnaise comes in handy for these). The Meat Co isn’t cheap, but with good menu choices it can be good value. Next time, we’ll stick with what we know and order the rib-eye.

The bottom line There’s no denying the meat is fantastic, but the menu admittedly varies in quality.

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