Dish of the month: Lumee Saar Kitchen

Discover the delicious stuffed pastries at Lumee Saar Kitchen

What do you get when you stuff light, flaky pastry with halloumi, mushrooms and truffle oil?

The answer is: one of Lumee Saar Kitchen’s exciting new fatayer creations, of course.

The home-grown café, by the makers of Al Abraaj, has launched its second branch at Saar Mall and brings with it a raft of delicious dishes across new sections on the breakfast and main course menus. Alongside the aforementioned, indulgent fatayer variety, you have options such as goat’s cheese and oregano topped with a date glaze; Akkawi cheese, tomato, fresh herbs and Nigella seeds; and a trendy lotus one that’s smothered with salted caramel.

Erm, yes please?

The first branch, Lumee Street Café, at Al A’ali Shopping Complex, was inspired by the region’s street cafés and restaurants, from tikka houses in Bahrain to falafel carts in Egypt, and we have been impressed by its refreshing, modern riff on Arabian food ever since. And this new café promises to build on that success, with a lovely venue – it might even be prettier than the bright and quirky Seef branch – and all sorts of other creative dishes, including falafel stuffed with shredded, slow-cooked lamb; a trio of charcoal grilled cheese toasties served with root vegetable crisps; Turkish manti dumplings; and even a duck shawarma with spiced date molasses. And now, on weekends, new themed lunch specials will also be available (think: Iranian home-style dishes or Andalusian paella).

Who can say no to that? Not us.

From BD1.3. Saar Mall (17 694 848).

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