Saturday Italian brunch at Rosso

Made-to-order pizzas and pastas make this a standout brunch option

Saturday Italian brunch at Rosso

As the weather cools down, we can’t think of much better to do than enjoy a leisurely afternoon, with family and friends, eating authentic, tasty Italian food al fresco. Which is exactly what takes us to Rosso on a Saturday, where a relatively new brunch has launched and where we can sit on the poolside terrace, by the beach and dancing water fountains.

The buffet here isn’t vast, but it doesn’t need to be. Firstly, there’s a simple spread of Italian-inspired salads, boasting succulent seafood, a colourful array of fresh vegetables and flavourful dressings, as well as the option to make up your own salad bowl. And, secondly, there’s the cheese table – an entire spread of
imported Italian cheeses, from the mildest to the most pungent, vying for your attention alongside a selection of cured and dry meats, plus plenty of fluffy bread.

So far, so delicious. As we feast on our mountain of salad and cheese which, apart from the odd piece of slightly rubbery seafood, is difficult to fault, we are presented with a menu of pizza varieties to order. We choose a simple Margherita and the Rucola, topped with cherry tomatoes, bocconcini mozzarella, rocca
leaves and bresaola.

These are cooked fresh in the wood-fired oven by the busy chefs in the open kitchen, while we also turn our attentions to the live pasta station. Here we find fresh tagliatelle next to fusilli, beside penne and spaghetti, all with a concoction of homemade sauces and condiments to mix and match as you like. Once we’ve put in
our order for that, we return to two piping-hot pizzas, presented prettily on an elevated wooden board. On both varieties, the thin base is soft, the crusts are crunchy, the gooey cheese is rich, and the tart tomatoes cut through any creaminess. They’re very good indeed.

Meanwhile, despite a lengthy wait for our pasta (our order seems to be forgotten until we follow up), the moreish, well-balanced sauce and perfectly al dente pasta is worth hanging on for. It’s clear Rosso has got making fresh, authentic Italian food down to a fine, culinary art. The generous portions are also excellent for sharing, making this a top choice for families looking to With sharing dishes, it’s a top choice for families bond over great food and a lovely, leisurely atmosphere on the weekend. Add to all that the friendly servers, who are clearly passionate about what they offer, plus that aforementioned terrace. It’s just hard to go far wrong when booking a table here on a Saturday.

The Bottom Line

A relaxed, family-friendly afternoon with great food.

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