Serindipity device

Time out plays with pocket watch-esque kit

Serindipity device

This pocket watch-esque device came about when designer Hoang M Nguyen realised how similar many of the ideas in George Orwell’s 1984 were with our social networks today. So, deciding to stay positive about the idea, he designed a cute device called Serendipity, to which you can upload the apps, games, music, job details and more that interest you, and only be connected with people with similar interests (while also being told when they are within a 50-metre radius of you). Most smartphones have these capabilities, but we love the pocket nature of this device (it folds out to reveal a QWERTY keyboard). It’s still in concept stage but Hoang tells us that if he does get enough investment to design it, he’d want to keep the price down to around Dhs370.

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