DIY ultimate wardrobe makeover

The new season calls for a clean-out. Stylist Iman Pasha shares her tips

DIY ultimate wardrobe makeover
Blouse, Dhs250, Oasis Image #2
Blouse, Dhs250, Oasis
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Ring, Dhs30, Stradivarius
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Men’s T-shirt, Dhs126, J Crew at Mr Porter
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Belt, Dhs269, Desigual
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Coat stand, Dhs799, THE One
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Ladder, Dhs149, THE One
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Vintage cake stand, Dhs428, Harvest Home

There comes a time in your life when you look at your wardrobe and wonder how it ever got in such disarray (then you briefly fantasise about installing a fully automatic, moveable wardrobe system similar to the one in Clueless, only to remember you are not Alicia Silverstone). But good organisation doesn’t have to come with a price or stardom. Senior stylist and personal shopper Iman Pasha explains that having a system in place for your wardrobe will save you time, effort, headaches and money. Follow her tips on how to sort the trash from the treasure.

Where to start
‘Empty out your wardrobe and make two clear piles. Separate things that do not work any more, things you don’t like and things that no longer fit. Look at the pieces you have and the pieces you can keep or perhaps carry over into the current trends, and eliminate others. This process helps you to find key basics, then you can start adding other pieces.’

Iman’s wardrobe Tips
‘Organise your wardrobe into a casual side and a more formal side. When it comes to your evening shoes, organise them by colour and brand, so it’s easy for you to see what your options are. Women should separate tops and blouses from dresses, to make everything easier to find.’


What to throw out
‘Kitten heels: a) they’re not very practical, and b) I think they’re ugly. Also ditch any badly fitted jackets – there is no point. They make you look slouchy, rather than giving a crisp, clean feeling.’

What to keep
‘Never, ever throw away accessories. They are something that can be reworked into your wardrobe and into your personal style. Also, a black blazer works wonders (it’s something that can be thrown on with everything), and little black dresses never go out of fashion.’

What to buy
‘Never buy just seasonal pieces. Always try to find items that are wardrobe staples in terms of fabric, fit or pattern, which won’t ever really go out of style.’

Instant updater
‘Jewel tones. Try a bright blouse in blue, ruby red or sapphire. Also, always have a couple of accessories in your purse. A chunky cocktail ring really dresses up any outfit. Put a belt in your bag to nip you in at the waist if you want to make a shift dress look more formal.’


What to throw out
‘Shirts that don’t fit because you’ve either gained or lost weight.’

What to keep
‘White shirts are essential: you can wear them casually or to the office. A good fitted blazer can work as casualwear and with suits. I also recommend investing in two or three nice casual T-shirts. Topman and
J Crew do some great options.’

What to buy
‘Chinos work wonders for all ages. Also, all men should have a really good, plain belt – nothing with massive labels on it. Finally, make sure you have the right shoes. Boutique 1 stocks Fin’s loafers and they’re amazing: they come in lots of different colours and they’re very comfortable and affordable.’

Instant updater
‘This season it’s all about the hunter look, which is very casual and sporty. Think lightweight jumpers with a little bit of a hood in the back.’

Essential organising buys

Time Out says…
A vintage cake stand such as this is perfect for hanging jewellery. Earrings can be placed over the lip of the cup, and necklaces can rest in the saucers.

Time Out says…
This stainless-steel ladder adds interest to a minimalist bedroom. Rest it against a bookshelf, then use it to reach storage boxes or the top shelf of your wardrobe.

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