Organic food in Bahrain

Stock up on healthy products at these two local specialty stores

Organic food in Bahrain

Living healthily and eating organic may not be a new trend, but in Bahrain, where fast food joints and burger spots multiply at an ever-increasing rate, sticking to wholesome diets can sometimes be hard. Sure, we have the odd organic aisle in supermarkets, but especially now Organics Food & Café has closed its Seef Mall branch, getting everything you need in one shop can prove a chore.

Back in 2003, Live Well was founded as a way to encourage a healthy, organic lifestyle in Bahrain. Now, with one small shop in Zinj’s Al Jazira supermarket, and another in Bahrain Mall called Bio Natural Nutrition, this business has become a go-to place for island dwellers filling a vibrant pantry, and for GCC retailers buying wholesale.
This is where you find not just your quinoa and spelt flour, but also milk alternatives, soy products and gluten-free items. And it’s not just about the food. You’ll also find a great selection of vitamins and minerals, immune-boosting blends and essential oils. Not to mention organic body and hair care products, and items for yogis.
The stores’ convenient, supermarket-adjacent locations make it even easier to find everything you need without having to stop at multiple shops. Now we’ve told you, you can’t blame anyone but yourself if/when your newfound New Year’s diet falls by the wayside come February.
Live Well, Al Jazira Supermarket, Zinj (17 720 288); Bio Natural Nutrition, Bahrain Mall, Sanabis (17 553 151).

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