Sport & Wellbeing

How to join a team, gym or club or fitness class in Bahrain, and how to watch live sport
Sport & Wellbeing

The event is raising money for the Bahrain Cancer Society

You should be able to make a trip to the submerged Boeing 747 very soon

In need of some pampering? Here's our guide

From boxing to ladies-only gyms, there's something for everyone

Sign up for the punishing challenge now

Running backwards, bad thrusting, skin tight clothes and no regrets

We discover the gem-infused treatments at the newly reopened The Gulf Spa

Brave Combat Federation has big plans for mixed martial arts in Bahrain

Step off the treadmill and get outside to these al fresco sports

What causes anxiety attacks, and what you need to do about them

TV show aims to inspire, as well as entertain with white collar boxing

Bahrain’s most famous yogi explains the Great Yoga Wall

From Bondi beach to Bahrain, Cheryl Rodrigues has come a long way

Brand-new boxing club and Janabiya-based gym open in Bahrain

The Shakedown Club is reviving the 1930s and our health in Bahrain

Get an amazing workout in the comfort of your own home

Bahrain is set to have its largest-ever Olympic squad

Shitika Anand finds out why we need to spend less time sitting

The Ritz-Carlton Spa has turned to local tradition for relaxation

Don’t let the heat be an excuse to sit on the couch

Time Out has a Richard Keys interview, Andy Gray interview and Thomas Sorensen interview, with the expects all offering their Euro 2016 predictions


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