How to survive running outside in summer

Pro tips on how to stay safe in the sun

For those of you who wish to bravely venture outside for your work-out, the Fitness with Food team share their top five tips to staying safe in the heat.

1. Stay hydrated. Take plenty of water with you and source if there is a public water supply where you are going.

2. Protect your skin. Sunscreen is a must when going outside here in Doha. Even if it’s cloudy outside sun rays can still be damaging to your skin so lather it on before you go on a run.

3. Appropriate clothing. Wear loose fitting, light breathable clothing along with good trainers which will give you support and cushion each stride’s impact for when you are walking/running.

4. Plan and research. Always check the weather forecast for the time you will be outside. Try to train at the cooler parts of the day i.e. after sunset or dawn.

5. It is advisable to take identification and a mobile phone – and don’t forget your iPod to help get you motivated on your run.

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