Bahrain camel tour

Enjoy the open air and traditional transportation with a camel ride along the Marina Corniche in Bahrain

Bahrain camel tour

If you are after something uniquely Arabian which will also keep the kids entertained, you could do far worse than to book in for a session of camel riding. Not only does the activity offer an opportunity to spend a day doing something different from lazing by the hotel pool, it will also provide memories that will last long after you’re through passport control on your way out.

You can saddle up in the open area along Marina Corniche between Al Fatih Mosque and the dolphin park and, thankfully – if, like the Time Out team, your riding experience is restricted to those bucking broncos you get in playparks – no experience is necessary. The handlers will force the camels to fold down on their knees to let you onto their saddles. Be warned: when a camel rises back up, try and be prepared or else you’ll feel like the unwitting victim of a catapult test. The camel lurches forward, its rump coming up first, which means you want to be leaning back or else you’ll get your first flying lesson. Then the front comes up, meaning you need to switch to a forward lean so as to avoid getting flung backwards.

As your convoy takes off along a vague trail along the corniche, drink in the views of the Gulf waters. Once disembarked and back on terra firma, there’s the opportunity to take some snaps of the big brown-eyed creatures for the holiday albums. As desert experiences go, riding a camel should top any itinerary list.

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