Quit your job become a... personal trainer

TJ Janowski, 26. The CrossFitter lets us in on the truth about living fit

Quit your job become a... personal trainer

What made you become a trainer?
I was a chubby kid – I loved to eat and still do. I had to go to the gym for rugby and I was amazed at how rewarding it was. I trained to be a teacher but teaching adults to get fit just made sense to me.

What is your fitness mantra?
“There is no substitute for consistency.”

How do you stay motivated?
I’m not a huge fan of motivation – it always leaves you. People think I wake up every day really motivated to workout. I don’t! But I don’t feel “motivated” to brush my teeth twice a day – I just do it. It’s the same thing for me with training two to six times a week. Oh, and it’s fun when you get it right.

What advice have you got for people with fitness resolutions in the New Year?
Most people’s New Year’s resolutions are forgotten by March. So, before you start, set a realistic long-term goal (one year-plus) and commit to it. Make one change to your current regime at a time – not a thousand – and make sure you’re consistent with that before making another change.

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