Tribal Fitness in Bahrain

Reach your own summit at the new fitness facility in Seef, Bahrain

Tribal Fitness in Bahrain

Tribal Fitness founder Craig Heslop is no stranger to these pages, having contributed expert health advice on many occasions. Now, as he and his family move from Bahrain to Hong Kong, we ask Jon Powers, the brand’s managing director, what us health conscious island dwellers can expect, just as they also launch a brand-new facility.

“The Summit [the new location in Bahrain Financial Harbour] is an extension of our Budaiya location, The Jungle,” Powers explains. “It’s set up for running, jumping, crawling, lifting and climbing with ropes, gymnastics rings, kettlebells, punching bags and everything else our members need to have a great time and get fit.”

Originally, Tribal Fitness began in 2009 when Heslop grew tired of the sterile gym environment. The former rugby pro wanted to introduce Bahrain to a new way of thinking about fitness, through natural movement, food and living, helping members reach their goals, no matter what their fitness level. Five years later, he opened the brand’s first “facility”, where today you’ll find unique courses for kids and adults.

At The Summit, the main difference is there are no junior sessions. “We hope to have a positive impact on the health of people working in Seef who spend hours each day hunched over a computer,” says Powers. There are early morning, lunch and after-work sessions, as well as a group of new trainers with everything from formal yoga training to military experience.

As for Heslop, he will remain very much a part of Tribal Fitness, says Powers. “While our coaches are making sure our members see results and have a great time, Craig will continue to improve our programming, and run certifications for all our new coaches in the future, ensuring it remains world-class.”
Membership fees start from BD35 per month. Visit

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