Indoor fitness classes in Bahrain

Don’t let the heat be an excuse to sit on the couch

Indoor fitness classes in Bahrain

At this time of year, it’s too easy to set the air-conditioning to full-blast and sit on the couch with your takeaways and Netflix. Well, we’re here to say there’s another way. There are plenty of fun and energetic indoor fitness classes to keep you happy and healthy all summer. We’ve found just five of the newest and most interesting...

Aerial Yoga
Your body is supported by a swing that’s hanging from the ceiling. Among many benefits, you can go deeper into your poses and the practice alleviates back and neck aches.
BD8 per class. Namaste, Budaiya Highway (17 591 565).

Aqua Aero
When doing land-based aerobics it’s all about the cardio, but in water it also includes resistance-training and buoyancy, pumping even more blood to your heart.
BD5 per class. InterContinental Regency Bahrain, Manama (17 227 777).

Hour of Power
This signature class at Oxygen Gym combines the core-conditioning of Pilates, the muscle-toning of Pump, the cardio of sprinting and the body control of yoga.
BD5 per class. Oxygen Gym, Barbar (17 616 165).

Kettlebell Club
Learn how to use kettlebells at Tribal Fitness, where this strength-endurance session teaches how to swing, press, get-up and squat.
From BD35 per month. The Jungle, Budaiya Highway (17 300 859). Other location: Bahrain Financial Harbour.

Muay Thai
The Thai style of boxing is an all-encompassing sport. Not only does it help you become stronger, leaner and healthier, but inspires discipline, determination and respect.
BD50 per month (up to six classes a week). Bahrain MMA, Tubli (13 630 620).

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