Boxing in Bahrain

Brand-new boxing club and Janabiya-based gym open in Bahrain

Boxing in Bahrain

As fitness trends and healthy living #lifegoals continue to sweep the nation, a new gym has opened its doors in suburbia. It’s called Lift Strength & Conditioning Centre and Bahrain Boxing Club, and this is what you need to know about it before you join...

It’s owned by a former legal consultant

Scottish-Bahraini fitness enthusiast Tariq Abdulrahman (pictured above) used to be a consultant in the legal and financial sectors, all while developing a passion for boxing, training and fighting in clubs around the UK.

The boxing club is unique in the region

Not only is it the first official British Boxing Board of Control’s qualified club in Bahrain, it’s also the only Hatton Academy affiliate in the GCC (only the “number one boxing training provider in the UK”). Lift’s facilities include 14 heavy boxing bags, numerous speed bags and, soon, an Olympic-size ring.

Everybody’s talking about Boxing Bootcamp

It’s a total body workout that features fast-pacing boxing exercises, plus strength and conditioning moves (think: burpees and planks) that’ll get your heart pumping and body toned. There are also boxing sessions for kids, beginners and intermediates.

Don’t worry, it’s not just about boxing...

It is also a strength and conditioning centre, focusing on functional training. This includes kettlebell classes, barbells, battle ropes, gymnastic rings, TRX (suspension training) and plenty more. There’s also a dedicated Olympic weightlifting programme.

And it’s far more than a gym
Abdulrahman also hopes to engage young Bahrainis in boxing through the establishment of his Mulakem scholarship programme in October, which will allow five kids to train, fight and visit camps around the world. “It’s an inexpensive sport that is very accessible,” Abdulrahman explains. “We also hope to introduce boxing into schools here as part of their curriculum to encourage fitness, respect to oneself and others, and brotherhood.”

Janabiya Highway, opposite Al Salam School,

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