Fighting Fit Dubai on TV

TV show aims to inspire, as well as entertain with white collar boxing

Fighting Fit Dubai on TV

For the most part, there isn’t normally a great deal to learn from reality TV. In fact, so utterly contrived and ludicrous has the medium become, it’s fair to say the “stars” of such programmes are among the planet’s most out-of-touch with reality.

But Fighting Fit Dubai is different. Formerly known as White Collar DXB, the series will screen on OSN Sport from October and will follow the journeys of 50 everyday men and women from all over the world as they build their mental and physical fitness towards a showpiece boxing event, to be held near Skydive Dubai in November.

But those with an aversion to combat sports shouldn’t turn away from the thumping right hooks just yet; boxing is simply a vehicle for creating the lifestyle changes in the contestants. “Fight Night”, meanwhile, is the reward for the participants, a chance to show their friends, family and the viewing public quite how far they’ve come.

So from the young mum who’s struggled to shift the baby weight, to the work-obsessed crock who can find any excuse not to exercise, there will be someone for everyone to relate to. There are even former pro sportsmen who have, for one reason or another – and thanks to a phenomenon known as “life” – let their prowess wane over the years.

The seven weekly training sessions (some starting at 5.30am!) are all being captured by the production crew, and a fully supportive YouTube channel will house breakout pieces of information and advice from fully qualified trainers and coaches.

Among the group of mentors is ten-time Guinness World Record holder Eva Clarke, an endurance and mental strength expert, while the technical aspects of the sport itself will be left to former British and Commonwealth middleweight champion Roy Gumbs. Several of Season One’s participants are also back to help the current crop, and provide invaluable tips
and inspiration for viewers and fighters.

Throughout the process, a light will be shone on all elements of fitness and well-being. Of course, strength and conditioning will be at the very heart, but viewers will also be able to take away valuable lessons from experts in lifestyle nutrition, and psychology.

Fighting Fit Dubai screens on OSN this month. Visit for more.

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