If you’ve been binge-watching the American version of The Office, it’s difficult to see Jim (John Krasinski) play anything other than his witty self. However, Krasinski has gone on to successfully star in action-thrillers such as 13 Hours and has even directed three films, with his latest being the intriguingly frightening A Quiet Place.

The film takes place in a seemingly empty world, where creatures have begun to override earth. One family is forced to adapt to a lifestyle where they live in silence and are cautious with every act they commit.

The trailer shows us the clever ways the family make their way through the world, incorporating sign language and placing sand where they walk.

Simply, it looks terrifying, and we can be sure to expect clever sound design to give us those delightful jump scares.

The bottom line
A semi-silent film sure to give us a few scares.

While its mildly charming leads nearly make up for the dire plot holes, it’s hard to feel any emotions for their “tragic” love story. Forget the tissues.


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