Storytelling’ is what Charles D’Ambrosio does, seemingly as easily as blinking

This masterful, at times dizzying novel reevaluates not just what fiction can do but what it is

For those of us without young children, our knowledge of the hot-button vaccination issue is limited

We tackle Colombian author Juan Gabriel Vásquez's later

Despite its inventive construction, the novel’s plot is disappointingly conventional

Vampire fiction with nary a sprinkle of glitter to be found

Interesting and very believable peek into the world of international investigations

Emma Donoghue's new collection spans the continents and centuries

Michael Chabon

We sit down with author's first post-Harry Potter outing

The images in Trinie Dalton’s fiction carry heavy dramatic weight and, at times, seem poised on the edge of meaninglessness

Beautiful coffee table book is interesting and informative

Anthropologist Cameron M Smith has written an impressively clear, concise explanation of one of humanity’s most remarkable discoveries


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