Important information for anyone travelling through Bahrain International

New baggage restrictions came into force October 1

Important information for anyone travelling through Bahrain International

Bahrain International Airport has introduced a number of new baggage restrictions to prevent luggage getting jammed and causing delays.

Round and irregular shaped items, including those tied with rope, will no longer be allowed in the baggage handling system.

The new rules have also seen luggage with long or loose straps that could become caught on things banned.

To avoid falling foul of the new regulations, consider packing irregular shaped items into boxes before travelling.

Standard odd-shaped items like baby strollers and golf bags will continue to be accepted as normal.

Bahrain Airport Company Chief Airport Operations Officer Michael Hohenberger said: “BAC is committed to running a friendly and efficient airport, and consistently works to ensure the highest levels of safety and security.

“The new rules will support these objectives by maintaining the integrity of the Baggage Handling System, making it safer and more efficient for airport staff to execute their daily duties and, in, turn helping deliver a better service to customers.”

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