Go to Salalah during the khareef

There’s no better time to visit the southern Omani city

Go to Salalah during the khareef

If you think summer in the Gulf is all only scorching temperatures and sweltering humidity, you’ve obviously never visited Salalah. But you really should.

This small city in the south of Oman is part of the Dhofar region, which is lucky enough to catch the tail-end of the Indian monsoon.

All of which means that from late-July to early-September, Salalah enjoys temperatures of around 25°C, misty days and light rain.

Known locally as the khareef, this is a spectacular time of year to visit.

The rain turns the hills green, while water flows through the wadis and over falls in the mountains.

One of the best places to see the transformation brought by the rain is Wadi Darbat. This dramatic valley is covered in a blanket of deep green foliage during the summer, as 30m-high waterfalls cascade over the steep rock walls.

Heading in the other direction out of Salalah takes you to Maghsayl. This area is famous for it’s rugged coastline, which during the khareef, is shrouded in mist. Keep an eye out for the spectacular blow-holes at the foot of the cliffs, which will give you a soaking if caught unaware.

Another highlight of Salalah is frankincense. Boswellia trees, from which the aromatic resin is extracted, can still be found in Dhofar.

Head to Al Husn Souk in one of Salalah’s historical neighbourhoods to buy some to take home.

Flydubai and Oman Air fly direct to Salalah from Dhs550. www.omanair.com; www.flydubai.com.

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